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Expertise in Design & Implementation



lighting   From good to dynamic lighting systems

Together with our interior designer we'll design a complete lighting plan. This plan is adapted for your control room and gives all the information needed for a brillant performance. The lighting plan includes luminance pictures and incorporates all the lighting bulbs and LED's in your existing control room. Together with major lighting producers we can also provide you with a dynamic lighting system that will simulate the daylight and can actually stimulate your operator in the difficult night time activity.



Air conditioning   Most complaints are about the Airconditioning system
Nowadays airconditioning is more than just placing some Airco. The displacement of air will lead to a lot of complaints and individual airconditioning is the new thing. But there are many more options for a sound and good climate control in your control room. We'll provide you with solutions that we implemented in other contro rooms and can help you with a state-of-the-art environment.



acoustics   Acoustics is a key part of your control room

Concentration on the job. It all starts here with a good design of the room. Noice canceling and acoustic panels can bring back the realm and still give room for talking and other social behaviour. Many people in a room calls for a very good flooring, acoustic walls and separation panels integrated in the desks.

In practice the noice level has to be measured and analysed before and after the acoustic design implementation.



colors   Colors are a great way to improve the Control Room

The clors are presented in a nice way with the right materials. You'll get a sample of the floor, the desktop and the wall coverings. Together with an impression in 3D this will give you initial information about the interior design of the control room.

It goes without saying that the final decision is made in cooperation with you.