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Expertise in Design & Implementation

Design4U approach
Our appoach is as follow: First of all we'd like to visit your site or plant to get a good feeling of the environment and the tasks of the operators in the control room. This first visit is free (excluding the travelcosts*). If you can provide us with a floorplan and some pictures we can also give you a first impression by email. However, in most of the cases a visit is the best way to start.

What can be included?
After talking to you about your wishes and demands we will make you an offer in about two weeks of the suggested work, which may be a turnkey project or a part:

  • ergonomic study according to ISO 11064
  • interior design proposition (3D drwawing)
  • lighting, airco, acoustic and visual plan
  • walls, ceiling and floor design
  • furniture design and placement
  • modular control room desk

These deliverables are dependent on the scale of your control room, the implementation of the design is our speciality. We have build large control rooms with more than 100 desks, but also single operator rooms.

*) We are based in the Netherlands, but we'll operate near you!